The purpose of the Family Movie Trust Fund is:

  • To receive and maintain funds and other property and to apply at least a 50% part thereof¬† for charitable purposes through gifting to qualified donees within Canada;
  • To relieve poverty in the Ottawa-Carleton community by supporting qualified donees that will assist families in a time of need or emergency;
  • To prevent and relieve sickness and disability, both physical and mental through donations of funds and/or equipment to hospitals, nursing and convalescent homes, clinics, health resource centres, family support centres and respite care groups who are qualified donees;
  • To help rehabilitate victims of substance abuse and their families, help prevent substance abuse, and to promote awareness of substance abuse, particularly in the community’s youth by supporting qualified donees;
  • To advance education by providing funds to qualified donees (schools and colleges who are registered charities) who award scholarships / bursaries, and educational opportunities to high school students;
  • To provide training and education to students and other interested members of the community in the presentation of films, plays and live entertainment, operations of a snack bar, box office, lighting and projection equipment by providing a means by which students can earn their community volunteer credits and groups or individuals can better understand the volunteer community; and
  • To provide a medium of education and entertainment to children and families living in economically disadvantaged circumstances through the distribution of complementary tickets to the presentation of motion pictures, plays and skits, group activities and live entertainment that are both educational and entertaining.